Oyegini /oye-gini/ 

While shopping for juices for her daughter, founder Tambria Banks realized that the "healthy alternatives" were packed full of "added sugars" and synthetic preservatives. This led her to re-evaluate what she was feeding her family.

Since 2020, Oyegini has been educating the community on juicing, herbs, and plant-based living. Over the years Oyegini has expanded into the juice bar space offering a variety of organic juices.

Healing my community has always been my mission. A mission that has been able to support over 100 families since the founding of Oyegini. I know what it feels like to have limited access to fresh produce and how this affects the mental and physical body.

Our vision is to provide a safe and affirming space for the community. No matter your lifestyle or diet, Oyegini is a home for those who seek a place of solitude and peace.