Raising Children Using Astrology

Raising a child is one of life greatest challenges. This is why it's important to understand your child's astrological chart.

Thank you for being in this space and wanting to learn more about raising children using astrology. If I may share a quick disclaimer: each of your children are unique including twins, triplets, etc. Understanding how you play a vital role in their life will help you parent them and guide them in the direction in life they want to go.

Now it's time to crack the code to raising your kids!

"Such a beautiful baby," says the family when they see the newest member of the family.

Advice from family members can only go so far. They are not the day to day caregivers for your bundle or bundles of joy. You are my dear parent/caregiver and it is time that you learned how to best navigate the waters of parenthood and child rearing.

Go ahead and pull out your birth record (to birth certificate) and do the same for each child that you have. Keep this information close and nearby always. All you will need is that exact time of birth and location.

The next couple of steps require an investment on your part.

Step 1: Visit this website here and input your birth day, birth time, and birth location.

Step 2: Choose the extended setting and change the HOUSE SYSTEM to WHOLE SIGN and then calculate chart.

Step 3: Learn your chart. This is important. You need to have a general understanding of your purpose in this lifetime before we step into cracking the code for our kids. Give yourself time, it's a lot of information.

Step 4: Book a birth chart reading with a legit astrologer. Go with your gut. Get on the phone or a zoom call with them. *the best way to see if they truly understand astro is to follow them on social media and see them break down a chart*

Step 5: Now that you've got a better understanding of yourself, look at your children's charts. Just look at them, I promise you it won't unlock any secret codes at first lol.

Step 6: Book a synastry reading with a LEGIT astrologer and have them breakdown how to best support your children in their growth.

Step 7: Relax and know that you are doing your very best at parenting and that our kids will go one their own path. Our only job is to assist them along the way.

There is no right or wrong way. The only way is acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses.